Intermediary Services

CDC Share Registrar Services Limited (CDCSR) being No. 1 Share Registrar Services provider has achieved another mile-stone by obtaining license of Intermediary Services from SECP in accordance with Intermediaries (Registration) Regulations, 2017. (Click here for copy of license). Intermediary service is to facilitate Corporate Sector for fulfilling their regulatory compliances, preparation and filling of their statutory forms/returns without compromising on any breach of legal obligations. CDC Share Registrar Services Limited (CDCSR) well classifies and focusses on each client’s need regarding: • Monitoring of all reporting obligations of the organization. • Core sector reporting requirements.

Scope of Services:

CDCSR will prepare and submit Annual Secretarial Planner in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Companies Act, 2017 (Act) and the Company’s Articles of Association.

CDCSR will arrange to prepare periodical statutory returns under the Act in accordance with the requirements, as and when necessary, on the basis of information shared by client companies within the time frame stipulated in the law and/or in the Articles of Association of the Company. Subsequently, clients are also provided guidance on issues related to compliance on regular basis.

CDCSR will file all returns online after having approval of the Company or submit them to the Company for signatures and file the same physically with the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan.

Intermediary Services

Dividend reconciliation is the only way through which the company will know the current position of paid and unpaid dividend amount not only cumulatively but also on individual basis. The same activity will also help the company to easily approach the shareholders whose dividend amount is still unpaid.

In order to handle dividend reconciliation, CDC Share Registrar Service Limited has developed a system which facilitates reconciliation of paid / unpaid dividend amounts of the company with the master dividend payment file provided by the company’s banker. Services being rendered:


  1. CDCSR will be sending cash dividend entitlement register and dividend payment cycles to the Issuer and Issuers’ dividend payee banker as per existing practice but now onwards Issuers’s dividend payee banker will share with us their Master Dividend Payment File periodically (initially on monthly basis). We will be uploading the same File in our Cash Dividend Reconciliation Module of our R/A System (where we are maintaining cash dividend payment status of each shareholder in parallel) and confirming its accuracy and reconciliation with our database, if we observe any difference or discrepancy in any record, the same will also be reported to Issuers and Issuer’s dividend payee banker for its review and resolution.
  2. CDCSR will maintain up to date cash dividend payment status of each shareholder in our Cash Dividend Reconciliation Module and share the same status with the authorized staff of Issuer Company as and when required.
  3. Issuer may also opt to have direct access to our Cash Dividend Reconciliation Module for viewing status of any specific or all cash dividend payments. Periodic review/audits of cash dividend payments by your staff or internal/external auditors will be so easy.
  4. The maintenance of reconciled status of each cash dividend payment in our system will be continued forever.