S.NoCompany Name
1Indus Motor Company Limited
2Ghandara Nissan Limited
3Pak Suzuki Motor Company Limited
4Crown Tyres Limited
5General Tyre and Rubber Company of Pakistan Limited
6Loads Limited
7Cherat Cement Company Limited
8Javedan Corporation Limited
9Javedan Corporation Limited (Preference  Shares)
10Javedan Corporation Limited – Sukuk
11Lucky Cement Limited
12Power Cement Limited
13Power Cement Limited- Preference Shares
14Pakistan Oxygen Limited
15Engro Polymer & Chemicals Limited – Sukuk
16Allied Bank Limited
17ABL Asset Management Company Limited
18Al – Baraka Bank Pakistan Limited – Sukuk
19Al – Baraka Bank (Pakistan) Limited – TIER II Sukuk
20Al Baraka Bank (Pakistan) Limited
21Askari Bank Limited
22Askari Bank Limited- TFC 5
23Askari Bank Limited – TFC 6
24Askari Bank Limited – TFC 7
25Bank Alfalah Limited – TFC
26Bank AL Habib Limited
27Bank AL Habib Limited TFC – 2016
28Bank AL Habib Limited TFC – 2017
29Bank AL Habib Limited TFC – 2018
30Bankislami Pakistan Limited
31Bankislami (Pakistan) Limited – Sukuk
32Faysal Bank Limited
33Habib Bank Limited
34Habib Bank Limited OTC TFC
35Habib Bank Limited OTC TFC 2018
36Habib Metropolitan Bank Limited
37JS Bank Limited
38JS Bank Limited – PPTFC II
39JS Bank Limited – PPTFC III
40JS Bank Limited – PPTFC I
41Khushhali Microfinance Bank
42Telenor Microfinance Bank Limited
43Pakistan Microfinance Investment Company Limited
44National Investments Trust Limited
45Sindh Bank Limited
46National Bank Of Pakistan
47Silkbank Limited
48Standard Chartered Bank Limited
49Mobilink Microfinance Bank Limited
50Agha Steel Industries Limited
51Tuwairqi Steel Mills Limited
52Aisha Steel Mills Limited
53Aisha Steel Mills Limited (Preference Shares)
54Aisha Steel Mills Limited (Convertible & Cumulative Preference Shares)
55Bolan Casting Limited
56Chaughry Steeel Re-Rolling Mills Limited
57International Industries Limited
58KSB Pumps Co. Limited
59Pakistan Engineering Company Limited
60Arif Habib Corporation Limited
61Fatima Fertilizer Company Limited
62Fatima Fertilizer Company Limited – Sukuk
63Pakarab Fertilizers Limited – PPTFC
64Fauji Fertilizer Company Limited
65Al-Shaheer Corporation Limited
66The Matco Foods Limited
67Murree Brewery Company Limited
68National Foods Limited
69Nestle Pakistan Limited
70Unilever Pakistan Foods Limited
71Unilever Pakistan Limited
72Y.B Pakistan Limited
73Shield Corporation Limited
74Frontier Ceramics Limited
75Shabbir Tiles and Ceramics Limited
76Adamjee Insurance Company Limited
77Cyan Limited
78EFU General Insurance Limited
79EFU Life Assurance Limited
80Habib Insurance Company Limited
81Jubilee Life Insurance Company Limited
82Takaful Pakistan Limited
83Pakistan Reinsurance Company Limited
84Arif Habib Limited
85SB Global (RMC) Limited
86JS Global Capital Limited
87JS Investments Limited
88Jahangir Siddiqui Company Limited
89Jahangir Siddiqui & Company Limited – PPTFC 11th Issue
90Jahangir Siddiqui & Company Limited – TFC 2
91Jahangir Siddiqui & Company Limited – TFC 3
92Topline Securities Limited
93MCB- Arif Habib Savings & Investments Limited
94UBL Pakistan Enterprise Exchange Traded Fund
95NBP Pakistan Growth Exchange Traded Fund
96Saudi Pak Leasing Company Limited
97Saudi Pak Leasing Company Limited (Preference Shares)
98Saudi Pak Leasing Company Limited – TFC
99Macpac Films Limited
100Askari Siddiqsons Development Limited
101International Brands Limited
102International Brands Limited – Sukuk
103United Brands Limited
104United Distributors Pakistan Limited
105Jade-e-Services Pakistan Private Limited
106Naymat Collateral Management Company Limited
107First Habib Modarba
108First Habib Bank Modarba
109First UDL Modarba
110UDL Modaraba Management (Pvt) Limited
111Habib Metro Modaraba
112Orient Rental Modaraba
113Popular Islamic Modaraba Management Company (Pvt) Limited
114Popular Islamic Modaraba
115Pakistan Oil Fields Limited
116Oil and Gas Development Company Limited
117Attock Petroleum Limited
118Byco Petroleum Pakistan Limited – Sukuk
119Hascol Petroleum Limited
120Hi-Tech Lubricants Limited
121Hi-Tech Alloy Wheels Limited
121Gas & Oil Pakistan (Pvt) Limited
122Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited
123Sui Southern Gas Company Limited
124Cherat Packaging Limited
125Roshan Packages Limited
126AGP Limited
127AGP Limited- Sukuk
128GlaxoSmithKline (Pakistan) Limited
129GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare Pakistan Limited
130IBL HealthCare Limited
131Otsuka Pakistan Limited
132Aspin Pharma (Pvt) Limited
133Aspin Pharma (Pvt) Limited – Sukuk
134The Searle Company Limited
135Wellinnova Life Sciences Private Limited
136Artisitic Energy (Pvt) Limited
137Artistic Wind Power (Pvt) Limited
138Tenega Generasi Limited
139Siddiqsons Engery Limited
140Lucky Energy (Pvt) Limited
141K-Electric Limited
142K – Electric Limited – Sukuk 5
143K – Electric Rated Listed & Secured Diminishing Musharaka Sukuk
144K-Electric Limited – Commercial Papers – Programme 9
145K-Electric Limited – Commercial Papers – Programme 10
146K-Electric Limited – Commercial Papers – Programme 11
147K-Electric Limited – Commercial Papers – Programme 12
148K-Electric Limited – Commercial Papers – Programme 13
149Wapda DASU Sukuk & TFC
151Neelum Jhelum Hydropower Company (Pvt) Limited – Sukuk
152Lalpir Power Limited
153Pakgen Power Limited
154Gul Ahmed Electric Limited
155Metro Wind Power Limited
156Power Holding (Pvt) Limited
157Dolmen City Reit
158ISE Towers Reit Management Company Limited
159LSE Financial Services Limited
160Grass Land Developers (Pvt) Limited
161Vision Builders (Pvt) Limited
162Continental Developers (Pvt) Limited
163K&B Developers (Pvt) Limited
164Classic Developers (Pvt) Limited
165Attock Refinery Limited
166Coastal Refinery Limited
167National Refinery Limited
168Abdullah Shah Ghazi Sugar Mills Limited
169Al-Abbas Sugar Mills Limited
170Mirpurkhas Sugar Mills Limited
171Ibrahim Fibres Limited
172Air Link Communication Limited
173Inbox Business Technologies Limited
174Pak Datacom Limited
175Dawood Lawrancepur Limited
176Interloop Limited
177Lucky Knits (Pvt) Limited
178Lucky Textile Mills Limited
179Lucky One (Pvt) Limited
180Fashion Textile Mills Limited
181Yunus Textile Mills Limited
182International Knitwear Limited
183Reliance Weaving Mills Limited
184Sadaqat Limited
185Sadaqat Limited – TFC
186Din Textile Mills Limited
187Gadoon Textile Mills Limited
188Island Textile Mills Limited
189Salfi Textile Mills Limited
190Sana Industries Limited
191Tata Textile Mills Limited
192Philip Morris (Pakistan) Limited
193Khyber Tobacco Company Limited
194Pakistan International Airlines Corporation Limited – A Class Shares
195Pakistan International Airlines Corporation Limited – B Class Shares
196Pakistan International Bulk Terminal Limited
197Pakistan International Container Terminal Limited
198Perfect Motors (Pvt) Limited
199Pakistan National Shipping Corporation Limited
200Pakistan International Airlines Corporation Limited – Aviation Sukuk
2011Link Private Limited
202Alfalah Consumer Index Exchange Traded Fund
203Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited
204Eclear Services Limited
205IT Minds Limited
206Kashf Foundation – TFC
207Luxury Green Farms (Pvt) Limited
208Meezan Pakistan Exchange Traded Fund
209Pakistan Mortgage Refinance Company Limited
210Park View Enclave (Pvt) Limited
211Pakistan Mortgage Refinance Company Limited – TFC
212Pak Oman Investment Company Limited
213Raja Green Farms (Pvt) Limited
214Union Green Farms (Pvt) Limited



S.NoCompany Name
1Indus Motor Company Limited
2Ghandara Nissan Limited
3Pak Suzuki Motor Company Limited
4General Tyre and Rubber Company of Pakistan Limited
5Loads Limited
6Crown Tyres Limited
6Cherat Cement Company Limited
7Javedan Corporation Limited
8Javedan Corporation Limited (Preference  Shares)
9Javedan Corporation Limited – Sukuk
10Lucky Cement Limited
11Power Cement Limited
12Power Cement Limited- Preference Shares
13Pakistan Oxygen Limited
14Engro Polymer & Chemicals Limited – Sukuk
15Allied Bank Limited
16ABL Asset Management Company Limited
17Al – Baraka Bank Pakistan Limited – Sukuk
18Al – Baraka Bank (Pakistan) Limited – TIER II Sukuk
19Al Baraka Bank (Pakistan) Limited
20Askari Bank Limited
21Askari Bank Limited- TFC 5
22Askari Bank Limited – TFC 6
23Askari Bank Limited – TFC 7
24Bank AL Habib Limited
25Bank AL Habib Limited TFC – 2016
26Bank AL Habib Limited TFC – 2017
27Bank AL Habib Limited TFC – 2018
28Bankislami Pakistan Limited
29Bankislami (Pakistan) Limited – Sukuk
30Faysal Bank Limited
31Habib Bank Limited
32Habib Bank Limited OTC TFC
33Habib Bank Limited OTC TFC 2018
34Habib Metropolitan Bank Limited
35JS Bank Limited
36JS Bank Limited – PPTFC II
37JS Bank Limited – PPTFC III
38JS Bank Limited – PPTFC I
39Khushhali Microfinance Bank
40Telenor Microfinance Bank Limited
41Pakistan Microfinance Investment Company Limited
42National Investments Trust Limited
43Sindh Bank Limited
44National Bank Of Pakistan
45Silkbank Limited
46Standard Chartered Bank Limited
47Mobilink Microfinance Bank Limited
48Bank Alfalah Limited – TFC
48Agha Steel Industries Limited
49Tuwairqi Steel Mills Limited
50Aisha Steel Mills Limited
51Aisha Steel Mills Limited (Preference Shares)
52Aisha Steel Mills Limited (Convertible & Cumulative Preference Shares)
53Bolan Casting Limited
54Chaughry Steeel Re-Rolling Mills Limited
55International Industries Limited
56KSB Pumps Co. Limited
57Pakistan Engineering Company Limited


Arif Habib Corporation Limited
59Fatima Fertilizer Company Limited
60Fatima Fertilizer Company Limited – Sukuk
61Pakarab Fertilizers Limited – PPTFC
62Fauji Fertilizer Company Limited
63Al-Shaheer Corporation Limited

64The Matco Foods Limited65Murree Brewery Company Limited66National Foods Limited67Nestle Pakistan Limited68Unilever Pakistan Foods Limited69Unilever Pakistan Limited70Y.B Pakistan Limited71Shield Corporation LimitedGLASS & CERAMICS72Frontier Ceramics Limited73Shabbir Tiles and Ceramics LimitedINSURANCE74Adamjee Insurance Company Limited75Cyan Limited76EFU General Insurance Limited77EFU Life Assurance Limited78Habib Insurance Company Limited79Jubilee Life Insurance Company Limited80Takaful Pakistan Limited81Pakistan Reinsurance Company LimitedINV. BANKS / INV. COS. / SECURITIES COS.82Arif Habib Limited83SB Global (RMC) Limited84JS Global Capital Limited85JS Investments Limited86Jahangir Siddiqui Company Limited87Jahangir Siddiqui & Company Limited – PPTFC 11th Issue88Jahangir Siddiqui & Company Limited – TFC 289Jahangir Siddiqui & Company Limited – TFC 390Topline Securities Limited91MCB- Arif Habib Savings & Investments Limited92UBL Pakistan Enterprise Exchange Traded Fund93NBP Pakistan Growth Exchange Traded FundLEASING COMPANIES94Saudi Pak Leasing Company Limited95Saudi Pak Leasing Company Limited (Preference Shares)96Saudi Pak Leasing Company Limited – TFCMISCELLANEOUS97Macpac Films Limited98Askari Siddiqsons Development Limited99International Brands Limited100International Brands Limited – Sukuk101United Brands Limited102United Distributors Pakistan Limited103Jade-e-Services Pakistan Private Limited104Naymat Collateral Management Company LimitedMODARABAS105First Habib Modarba106First Habib Bank Modarba107First UDL Modarba108UDL Modaraba Management (Pvt) Limited109Habib Metro Modaraba110Orient Rental Modaraba111Popular Islamic Modaraba Management Company (Pvt) Limited112Popular Islamic ModarabaOIL & GAS EXPLORATION COMPANIES113Pakistan Oil Fields Limited114Oil and Gas Development Company LimitedOIL & GAS MARKETING COMPANIES115Attock Petroleum Limited116Byco Petroleum Pakistan Limited – Sukuk117Hascol Petroleum Limited118Hi-Tech Lubricants Limited119Hi-Tech Alloy Wheels Limited120Gas & Oil Pakistan (Pvt) Limited121Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited122Sui Southern Gas Company LimitedPAPER & BOARD123Cherat Packaging Limited124Roshan Packages LimitedPHARMACEUTICALS125AGP Limited126AGP Limited- Sukuk127GlaxoSmithKline (Pakistan) Limited128GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare Pakistan Limited129IBL HealthCare Limited130Otsuka Pakistan Limited131Aspin Pharma (Pvt) Limited132Aspin Pharma (Pvt) Limited – Sukuk133The Searle Company Limited134Wellinnova Life Sciences Private LimitedPOWER GENERATION & DISTRIBUTION135Artisitic Energy (Pvt) Limited136Artistic Wind Power (Pvt) Limited137Tenega Generasi Limited138Siddiqsons Engery Limited139Lucky Energy (Pvt) Limited140K-Electric Limited141K – Electric Limited – Sukuk 5142K – Electric Rated Listed & Secured Diminishing Musharaka Sukuk

147K-Electric Limited – Commercial Papers – Programme 9148K-Electric Limited – Commercial Papers – Programme 10148K-Electric Limited – Commercial Papers – Programme 11148K-Electric Limited – Commercial Papers – Programme 12148K-Electric Limited – Commercial Papers – Programme 13149Wapda DASU Sukuk & TFC150Neelum Jhelum Hydropower Company (Pvt) Limited – Sukuk151Lalpir Power Limited152Pakgen Power Limited153Gul Ahmed Electric Limited154Metro Wind Power Limited155Power Holding (Pvt) LimitedREAL ESTATE INVESTMENT TRUST156

Sorted by company name

Dolmen City Reit

157ISE Towers Reit Management Company Limited158LSE Financial Services Limited159Grass Land Developers (Pvt) Limited160Vision Builders (Pvt) Limited161Continental Developers (Pvt) Limited162K&B Developers (Pvt) Limited163Classic Developers (Pvt) LimitedREFINERY164Attock Refinery Limited165Coastal Refinery Limited

167National Refinery LimitedSUGAR & ALLIED INDUSTRIES168Abdullah Shah Ghazi Sugar Mills Limited169Al-Abbas Sugar Mills Limited170Mirpurkhas Sugar Mills LimitedSYNTHETIC & RAYON171Ibrahim Fibres LimitedTECHNOLOGY & COMMUNICATION172Air Link Communication Limited173Inbox Business Technologies Limited174Pak Datacom LimitedTEXTILE COMPOSITE175Dawood Lawrancepur Limited176Interloop Limited177Lucky Knits (Pvt) Limited178Lucky Textile Mills Limited179Lucky One (Pvt) Limited180Fashion Textile Mills Limited181Yunus Textile Mills Limited182International Knitwear Limited183Reliance Weaving Mills Limited184Sadaqat Limited185Sadaqat Limited – TFCTEXTILE SPINNING185Din Textile Mills Limited186Gadoon Textile Mills Limited187Island Textile Mills Limited188Salfi Textile Mills Limited189Sana Industries Limited190Tata Textile Mills LimitedTOBACCO191

Sorted by company name

Philip Morris (Pakistan) Limited

192Khyber Tobacco Company LimitedTRANSPORT193Pakistan International Airlines Corporation Limited – A Class Shares194Pakistan International Airlines Corporation Limited – B Class Shares195Pakistan International Bulk Terminal Limited196Pakistan International Container Terminal Limited197Perfect Motors (Pvt) Limited198Pakistan National Shipping Corporation Limited199Pakistan International Airlines Corporation Limited – Aviation SukukOTHERS / MISCELLANEOUS199Luxury Green Farms (Pvt) Limited200Pakistan Mortgage Refinance Company Limited201Park View Enclave (Pvt) Limited202Raja Green Farms (Pvt) Limited203Union Green Farms (Pvt) Limited204Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited205IT Minds Limited206Pakistan Mortgage Refinance Company Limited – TFC207Kashf Foundation – TFC208Alfalah Consumer Index Exchange Traded Fund209Meezan Pakistan Exchange Traded Fund2101Link Private Limited211Eclear Services Limited212Pak Oman Investment Company Limited